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WorldatWork Innovative Excellence in
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Are you a forward-thinking employer who has contributed to the benefit and well-being of your employees?

Has your organization created outstanding programs or policies that enrich the lives of your employees and achieve business objectives?

Then consider applying for an Innovative Excellence in Workforce Engagement award.

WorldatWork Alliance for Work-Life Progress Innovative Excellence Award

The Innovative Excellence in Workforce Engagement award recognizes programs and policies that raise the bar on the employee experience. From breastfeeding support to flexible work arrangements, past recipients are honored for their transformational workplace initiatives that meet the needs of the workforce.

Recipients are recognized for creating workplace solutions that enrich and improve the employee experience. Public acknowledgement that accompanies this award helps bolster organizations' reputations as great places to work.


Recipients vary widely by sector and industry, but they share one universal characteristic: All are forward-thinking programs that look beyond cultural, demographic and institutional boundaries to continually create new ways to enrich the lives of employees while achieving organizational goals. Date of rollout or pilot must be at least one year from the date of your application. Past recipient organizations include:

  • Corporations
  • Government agencies
  • Academic institutions
  • Labor organizations
  • Work-life service providers
  • Consultants
  • Collaborations between service providers or consultants and employers
  • Nonprofits and community-based organizations


Only a few programs are selected each year due to both the highly selective screening process and an escalating level of competition. The association's definition of "innovation" includes ground-breaking, exceptional workforce practices. First priority is given to ideas that can be replicated beyond the organizations that invented them, encouraging global innovation.


The Call for Applications is open March 17-June 30, 2015.


Recipients will be publicly announced during October 2015 National Work & Family Month and be honored at a future WorldatWork event.

Application Process

There is no fee to apply.

Be prepared to summarize your program/initiative, including:

  • Rationale and vision
  • Responsiveness to need
  • Quality enhancement
  • Innovation
  • Effectiveness

Be prepared to submit:

  • A JPEG file of your company logo
  • Any supplemental materials (e.g., presentations, brochures, photos, testimonials) that support the program/initiative.

No handwritten applications are accepted. The Application period is now closed.

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