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The award process is now closed. Please check back next fall to apply.

Work-Life Innovative Excellence Award

The Call for Applications is open to all. There is no application fee. Eligible entities may submit a program/initiative that has been in effect for at least one year from the date of this submission. Exceptions to this prerequisite include individual, one-time events (such as a summer camp program) that have completed development, implementation and evaluation phases. Overall work-life strategies may not be nominated for the award. The following national and international organizations will be considered:


Labor organizations

Collaborations between service providers or consultants and employers

Government agencies

Work-life service providers

Non-profits and community- based organizations.

Academic institutions



Please be prepared to answer the following questions when completing your application.

Description of Program or Initiative

Summary description of the program or initiative along with the following components:

  • Date of roll-out or pilot (must be at least one year from the date of submission)
  • Target audience and scope of project
  • Department or area to which the program reports
  • Describe how the program/initiative is either: 1) a 'new practice for the work-life field' or 2) a 'new approach' to the development or implementation of an existing practice.

Rationale and Vision

  • What is the vision of the work-life program or initiative?
  • What are the short- and long-term goals?
  • How does the rationale and vision of this program support your organization's mission, business goals, or work-life strategy?

Responsiveness to Need

  • How does the nominated initiative address overall business or organization needs?
  • How were these needs identified? Please supply internal and external data and input from the target population.
  • How does the initiative respond to employees' or other target population's work-life needs?

Quality Enhancement

  • How do you measure the quality and effectiveness of the initiative? Please provide an overview of metrics used to monitor success or progress.
  • How did these measures or standards impact the development and roll out of the initiative?
  • How is the ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement achieved?


  • How does your program or initiative reflect work-life innovation today?
  • What new ideas or processes have been considered or implemented? Were there any barriers and/or challenges faced? If so, how were they addressed?
  • Describe any internal and/or external partnerships or collaborations that have extended the impact of the program or policy beyond your organization's work-life efforts. Which stakeholders have been invested in and/or promoted the success of the initiative?
  • How might the initiative be a catalyst for innovation in the work-life field (that is, stimulate innovation in thinking or the delivery of policies and programs in other organizations, as well as your own)?


  • How has this initiative contributed to the benefit and well being of employees in its target population? Please provide examples and testimonials.
  • How has the initiative contributed to your organizational goals? Please provide examples.
  • How does this initiative build on the strengths of your organizational culture? How does it reduce obstacles or barriers to your organization's work-life effectiveness?
  • Has this program been a small adjustment or has the new program made a big impact within your organization?
  • What are the measurable benefits? Please provide both quantitative and anecdotal information.

2014 Innovative Excellence Recipients

Work-Life Rising Star | Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research

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