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Work-Life Rising Star

Nominate Now Nomination deadline is October 15th


Be sure to save your nomination before submitting

Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP) needs your help in identifying stellar, up-and-coming professionals who embody passion for change, for work and for life as a Work-Life Rising Star. The Work-Life Rising Star encourages professionals to remain engaged in the work-life profession and ultimately advance work-life effectiveness.

Nominations will be sought for innovative, high-potential career starters who exhibit a combination of professional and personal attributes that demonstrate emerging leadership and growing contributions to the work-life community.

Nominations may come from someone other than the nominee or or you may nominate yourself. Please be able to describe and verify the achievements and speak to character and contributions to the work-life field.  If you are self-nominating, please be sure to check the appropriate box on the nomination form after you click on the "Nominate Now" button.  There are no specific age or tenure limits for nominees. Nominees may be affiliated with any type of organization or industry sector. They do not have to be nominated by their employer. There are no nomination fees.

Before completing the nomination form, please be prepared to describe specifically and give examples of what the nominee has done, said or produced that has captured your attention and respect in the following areas:

  • Initiative and innovation
  • Resourcefulness
  • Mentoring or coaching of others
  • Participation in public and/or community service or work-life activities
  • Political acumen and emotional intelligence
  • Examples of being a team player while still exhibiting leadership
  • Aptitude for mediation, diplomacy and bridge-building skills for reconciling disparate points of view

The Work-Life Rising Star Selection Committee will evaluate nominations. The committee is composed of work-life leaders and representatives from several major work-life institutions. No single accomplishment will automatically qualify a candidate for recognition. A pattern of high achievement and future potential is desired.

2014 Rising Star Recipients

Work-Life Innovative Excellence Award  |  Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research

Check out EBN’s slideshow gallery highlighting winners of this year’s Work-Life Rising Star recognition award. Through this award, WorldatWork’s Alliance for Work-Life Progress honors work-life thought leadership, best practices and innovation.

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