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2009 Archive

Touring Green & Giving Back (May 4, 2009)
Guest Blogger: Jessica Burrus, WLCP - Work-Life Project Liaison, WorldatWork

The Ones Left Behind (April 13, 2009)
Guest Blogger: Jessica Burrus, WLCP - Work-Life Project Liaison, WorldatWork

Aspirations Revisited Five Years Later (April 7, 2009)

Guest Blogger: Jessica Burrus, WLCP - Work-Life Project Liaison, WorldatWork (April 3, 2009)

The News of Our Demise is Much Exaggerated (March 30, 2009)

Help When We Need It the Most! (March 17, 2009)

Is It True That Boys Just Want To Have Fun? (March 13, 2009)

AWLP Rising Stars Rock the Wall Street Journal! (Feb. 26, 2009)

A Tip for Employers: Support Now Wins Loyalty in the Future (Feb. 19, 2009)
Guest blogger: Ellen Galinsky, President of the Families and Work Institute

A Comprehensive Resource of the "Best" Family-Friendly Employers (Feb. 5, 2009)

Lilly Ledbetter and Other Household Names (Jan. 30, 2009)

Timeshare, Anyone? (Jan. 28, 2009)


This blog is intended to provide a deeper understanding of how work, family and community intersect and to clarify the meaning of work-life and to provide commentary and news on the topic of work-life effectiveness as a business strategy. Readers are strongly encouraged to give feedback on this blog by e-mailing Kathie Lingle.

About the Blogger: Kathleen "Kathie" M. Lingle, WLCP, leads Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP), the WorldatWork global network for work-life professionals. She is recognized around the world as a leader among work-life professionals and is a 2007 recipient of the Families and Work Institute Work-Life Legacy Award.

Lingle is a member of the Conference Board's Work-Life Leadership Council, for which she served as co-chair for several years. She is on the executive committee for Work-Life and Women's Initiatives of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). She serves on the AWLP Strategy Board and has been a member of the steering committee of the Boston College Work and Family Roundtable.

Lingle has also served as National Work-Life Director at KPMG LLP where she had primary responsibility for creating and implementing workplace strategies that support the work-life effectiveness of KPMG's 18,000 U.S. employees. She was the primary architect of KPMG's historic Work Environment Initiative, a multi-year culture change initiative that continues to this day. She was a successful management consultant for Watson Wyatt and director of Work-Life Training at the Families and Work Institute (FWI) in New York. While at FWI, Lingle oversaw a three-year evaluation study of Johnson & Johnson's groundbreaking work-family initiative.

About Alliance for Work-Life Progress®
Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP) is dedicated to advancing work-life effectiveness as a strategy for better integration of work, family and community. AWLP, an entity of WorldatWork, serves as a national center of work-life expertise that defines and recognizes innovation and best practices, facilitates dialogue within the diverse work-life community and promotes work-life thought leadership.

The material posted on this blog is © copyright 2008, 2007 to Kathie Lingle. The opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent those of WorldatWork and its affiliate, Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP). WorldatWork and its affiliate, AWLP, neither represent nor guarantees the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of any content, including links to other content, posted on this blog. WorldatWork and its affiiate, AWLP act as a passive conduit for the online distribution and publication of blog material, content and/or links, and does not screen communications or information in advance.

WorldatWorkand its affiliate, AWLP, have no liability or responsibility for performance or nonperformance of monitoring and/or screening activities. WorldatWork, however, reserves the right to stop any employee blog and take appropriate action for any violation of the terms and conditions set forth herein or any violation of any applicable local, state or federal law.

For inquiries, comments or complaints about WorldatWork and/or its affiliate AWLP employee blogs, please contact WorldatWork Human Resources Director Kip Kipley, CBP, SPHR, at or 877/951-9191.


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