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The agenda keeps evolving, so check back frequently for updates.

DAY ONE (April 16)
9:00am – 12:00pm

Community Service Project (Sponsored by Raytheon)
Join us on Monday to help garden for the beautification of Mary Ellen’s Place, an affordable housing option for otherwise homeless women veterans.  

  • Hands-on, off-site 
  • Optional, but highly recommended
12:00 – 1:00pm 

Social Media Meet-Up
Facilitated by Casey Carlson - Senior Manager, Global Mobility & Immigration | Leadership Development, Deloitte Services LP and Kyra Cavanaugh, President of Life Meets Work

  • A strategy session for event tweeters and bloggers
1:00 – 3:30pm Welcome & Opening Session   (Sponsored by Carlson Companies)
Kathie LingleExecutive Director, WorldatWork’s Alliance for Work-Life Progress  

Denise Gredler, President and Founder of BestCompaniesAZ, welcomes everyone to Arizona in honor of the state’s centennial anniversary

Storyteller Mark Guterman - Co-founder,, engages participants in a highly interactive format to explore firsthand how storytelling can be utilized as a powerful tool for sharing experience, conveying one’s vision,  opening dialogue and facilitating change

3:30 – 3:45pm Break (sponsored by Children’s Choice)
3:45 – 5:15pm Story–Telling Activity
Action-oriented, customized small group exercise to apply storytelling techniques to organizational challenges participants are currently facing
6:00pm Welcome Reception (Sponsored by Ryan LLC)
Outside, surrounded by fountains and fire pits
7:00pm Casting Call for Dine-Arounds
Small, carefully assigned groups of attendees dine together at a variety of charming restaurants in nearby downtown Scottsdale
9:30pm   Sharing Community Service Stories Around the Campfire
Check out a s’mores kit at the bar and join us around the fire under the wide open Arizona sky to hear about the service project that took place this morning
DAY TWO (April 17)
7:30 – 8:30am Breakfast (sponsored by Discovery Communications)
8:30 – 10:00am

Headlines and Hot Spots: Work-Life Research for the Non-Researcher Moderated by Judith Finer Freedman Founder, The Balanced Worker Project

Panelists will include Ellen GalinskyPresident, Families and Work Institute and Judi Casey, Director of the Work and Family Researchers Network.

This provocative session opens Day Two of the Forum and sets the stage for the Imaginariums that will occupy the rest of the day. After a brief but informative review of key findings on several weighty topics that continue to bedevil the best efforts of work-life practitioners, participants will divide into teams to grapple with these thorny conundrums and consolidate their thinking about a workable approach to resolve them. What role has the work-life community taken on each issue in the past, and how does that need to shift as we move into an ever more turbulent and unpredictable future in the workplace, in families and in our communities of influence?


  • Translate research into action; i.e., Provide attendees with actionable research findings to take back and apply in their organizations, clients, communities
  • Inform and educate: Expand participants’ empirical knowledge so they will be more effective as work-life professionals, whatever their role.
  • Facilitate (incite?) lively discussion about the (future) role of the work-life community in direct involvement (or not) in improving/resolving such “quality of life” issues as the controversial ones we will be illustrating through carefully selected research findings (see potential list of research topics that follows)
10:00 – 10:30am Break (sponsored by Pearson Inc.)
10:30 – 12:00pm

Imaginariums – Part One   
Action learning and creative solution building around key issues that will determine work-life’s future:

  • Engaging Leadership Commitment and Action (Sponsored by Optum Health) – Co-Facilitated by Diane Burrus, Senior Consultant, WFD Consulting and Perry Christensen, Vice President of Human Resources, Healthpoint Biotherapeutics

This session takes up where last year’s WFD/AWLP mislabeled Men’s Study left off.  Although that global  study detected few differences between men and women on any important work-life dimension, it did provide a jolt of insight into what looks like a chasm between what leaders think about the work-life premise (80% of them “get it”) and how they behave (40-50% value “work dominant” employees). 

Participants will derive resolution(s) to this conundrum through a guided tour of companies (past, present and evolving) fortunate enough to have “gapless” leadership and  impressive results to show for it.


  • Frame the core issue:  If the work-life business case has been widely disseminated around the globe, why doesn’t it compel appropriate leadership action?
  • Share models of effective leadership using actual success stories that illustrate the power of progressive people practices
  • Determine challenges, potential solutions and action steps required to engage leadership commitment and action 
  • Utilize effective storytelling skills to create meaningful dialogue, convey examples of success, and influence the adoption of work-life integration as a competitive advantage in your own organization
  • Promoting Healthy Living Where We Live and Work – A Community Approach to Health & Wellness (Sponsored by KPMG LLP) – Facilitated by Maureen Corcoran - Vice President - Health, Life & Inclusion, Prudential Financial

Although most employers today offer programs, services and benefits for their employees and families that promote physical, emotional, social, financial and spiritual well-being, the communities in which employees live rarely provide similar support.  The resulting lack of services and coordination can undermine the most well-intentioned workplace efforts and can even result in declining health.  This session will open a dialogue on best practices with a bias toward action, preferably by devising a pilot corporate/community collaboration that could serve as a model effort to be replicated.

The primary objective of this session is to further the health of employees by finding ways to promote healthier choices in their communities and create supportive community infrastructures for health.  The mechanism for accomplishing this goal will be to identify a suitable best practice model  that companies could fund and/or adopt – one that would inform the development of resources and initiatives to jointly support healthy work environments and healthy communities.  The opinions and perspectives of participants will be elicited by engaging them in a group interview, employing the approach used with a “starter group” of key influencers and subject matter experts that was conducted prior to this event.

Combining the voices of our attendees to those of the previously interviewed SMEs will  generate a variety of ideas for potential replication and/or new initiatives, from which strategies and next steps for change will be proposed.

  • How We Will Work – Co-Facilitated by Debbie PhillipsPresident, WFD Consulting & Sandy BurudPrincipal of Product Development & Advisory Services at FlexPaths LLC

The way work is done will change dramatically in the next ten years and we want to influence the change in the right direction.  To do that we’re engaging “change-makers” past, present and future – who are passionate about ensuring that work environments further work-life values, in a spirited dialog. The conversation is about what these transformations will mean and how we can shape them to be sure that organizations and the people they employ can thrive in their work and personal life.

Attendees will actively participate in a facilitated discussion and input-gathering activity to:

  • Review the groundbreaking changes we think will occur in the way we will work in the future;
  • Identify the challenges people will face related to thriving in their work and personal life as the nature of work changes;
  • Identify the implications for our professional membership organization and the work-life field;
  • Generate a list of actions we need to take to implement the change we hope to see.
12:00 – 1:00pm Luncheon
1:00 – 2:30pm Imaginariums – Part Two
Identifying top priority solutions and developing action plans to support them
2:30 – 3:30pm Imaginariums Report Out
3:30 – 4:00pm Break (sponsored by SitterCity)
4:00 – 5:00pm

Recognizing Excellence:  The AWLP Work-Life Seal of Distinction
Co- Facilitated by Christine Pfeiffer - WorkLife Innovation, People Team, Pearson and Kristin McNally - Work/Life Coordinator, U.S. Department of the Treasury – Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Newly launched in January 2012, the AWLP Work-Life Seal of Distinction recognizes employers who demonstrate leadership in workplace strategies and practices to help employees achieve success in work-life effectiveness.  Learn about the application process and gain insights on how to strengthen your organization’s Work-Life portfolio.


AWLP Work-Life Gala Awards Dinner and Celebration (sponsored by Bright Horizons)
Theme: Denim and Diamonds
Don your best Western wear and help us celebrate three distinct groups of work-life achievers:

  • AWLP Work-Life Innovative Excellence Award
  • Work-Life Rising Star Recognition Award
  • AWLP Work-Life Seal of Distinction – this will be the launch of the first work-life organizational certification ~ NEW!
9:00pm Storytelling Around the Campfire
Can’t get enough of the starry Arizona sky?  Going home tomorrow to a soggy spring?  Come join us before packing it in.
DAY THREE (April 18)
7:30 – 8:30am Breakfast
8:30 – 10:00am

Weaving the Plot Together
Facilitated by Casey Carlson - Senior Manager, Global Mobility & Immigration | Leadership Development, Deloitte Services LP and Kyra Cavanaugh, President of Life Meets Work

This session is designed to “tie the Forum up with a bow.”  Using the “denim journals” provided at the Gala Dinner last night to record their thoughts, participants will be guided through four levels of contemplation about what they’ve heard and learned:

  1. Self
  2. Your community
  3. Your organization/employer
  4. Our field
  5. Time will be provided to think, reflect, share/discuss with others and report out.

The ultimate objective of this session is for each person to make a plan for applying something that they have learned at this Forum when they return to their workplace.

10:00 – 10:30am Break (sponsored by TeenLife)
10:30 – 12:00pm

The Power Hour: An Action Guide to Shaping Work-Life’s Future

Don’t miss this fun-filled, fast-paced, action-oriented closing session where you’ll learn how to overcome the obstacles that stand between you and the perfect work environment. Hear sage advice and come away with sixty (60!) well-honed pearls of wisdom directly from the lips of some of our field’s top practitioners, thought leaders, authors, and emerging talent.  Each panelist gets precisely 60 seconds to deliver each tip, complete with an example or evidence to illustrate the point.  Not only will you stay awake, but guaranteed you’ll leave with a tome of actionable advice to apply when you return to wherever you call your place of work.

Impart the maximum number of actionable tips in 60 minutes from highly regarded and influential shapers of the future
Summarize the Forum’s proceedings in a high energy, entertaining format
Have fun!
End with a bang, not a whimper

  • Promoting Healthy Living Where We Live and Work – Maureen Corcoran, Vice President - Health, Life & Inclusion, Prudential Financial
  • How We Will Work – Sandy BurudPrincipal of Product Development & Advisory Services at FlexPaths LLC
  • Engaging Leadership Commitment and Action – Perry Christensen, Vice President of Human Resources, Healthpoint Biotherapeutics
  • Conducting Research that Drives and Informs Meaningful Action for Change - Ellen Galinsky – President, Families and Work Institute
  • Getting the Word Out About Work-Life – Teresa Hopke, Life Meets Work
  • Operationalizing the Work-Life Portfolio - Kathie Lingle – Executive Director, WorldatWork’s Alliance for Work-Life Progress
12:00pm THE END
Participants leave with food for thought, tips and ideas for taking action and a boxed lunch to fortify them to step into the future


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