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As an employee you can attest that satisfying the demands of the office creates consequences at home, meeting one’s personal and family needs has an impact at work and achieving success across the whole of life simultaneously is not easy.

But spearheading work-life initiatives at your workplace may take reinventing organizational culture.

AWLP supports employees who want to initiate discussion and open dialogue in the workplace about work-life effectiveness programs and policies.

The basic work-life premise is that respecting people for who they are – not just for what they do or produce – pays off for all stakeholders: employers, employees, customers, shareholders, families, and communities.

Research has shown that employees in an effective workplace:

  1. Are more likely to be engaged in and committed to their jobs
  2. Exhibit higher levels of job satisfaction
  3. Want to remain with their employers
  4. Have better mental health

AWLP is here to support you with free resources and tools to help you initiate discussion with decision-makers at your place of employment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Telework?
Use our checklist to be prepared before requesting telework at your workplace.

Flexible Work Arrangement Checklist
Use our checklist and be prepared before requesting flexible work options.

Categories of Work-Life Effectiveness Booklet
Help effectively build a business case for work-life programs at your place of employment.
The Employee's Guide to FMLA

Useful Work-Life Links
Browse our list of organizations that support work-life effectiveness.

By declaring October National Work and Family Month, the U.S. Senate concurs with AWLP that "supporting a balance between work and personal life is in the best interest of national worker productivity" and that "reducing the conflict between work and family life should be a national priority."

National Work and Family Month provides annual recognition of the importance of employer-sponsored work-life programs. Access our resources and tools to help your workplace make the most of this year's National Work and Family Month. 

Work-Life Rising Stars Speak Out
Read what work-life professionals have to say about work-life trends, ideas and the progress of work-life effectiveness.

Tell us how your company helps with your work and family issues.

Workplace celebration ideas


Every year workplaces and individuals who have had great success in creating even healthier and productive work environments are honored. Find out more about how your company can particiapte.

Work-Life Innovative Excellence Award showcases company work-life programs and policies that demonstrate excellence.
Work-Life Rising Star identifies stellar, up-and-coming work-life professionals. Nominate as many people as you like with our free online form.


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