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Work-life Articles, Reports, Surveys and Tools

Work-Life Articles

"Five Ways to Manage What You Can’t See: WorldatWork offers Advice on Managing Teleworkers"
"The White House Workplace Flexibility Forum — Article and Playback"

Work-Life Research & Surveys

 "Men and Work-Life Integration: A Global Study"
A report by WorldatWork Alliance for Work-Life Progress and WFD Consulting
May, 2011
A quarter century after its emergence and a decade after the business case was established, the work-life field is challenged to understand the barriers that persist in preventing both employees (especially men) from fully utilizing work-life options, and managers (often men) from fully supporting them. WFD Consulting and WorldatWork's Alliance for Work-Life Progress partnered to investigate these challenges on a global scale.
"Attraction and Retention: The Impact and Prevalence of Work-Life & Benefit Programs"
In today's workforce cutting-edge work-life and benefits programs can be the differentiator that gives an organization the advantage in the war for talent.
 "Paid Time Off Programs and Practices"
A report by WorldatWork
September 2014
This report summarizes the results of a May 2014 survey of WorldatWork members to gather information about various paid-time-off (PTO) programs. The research provides information to help organizations better understand PTO-bank style and traditional system (e.g., vacation time, sick time, personal days, etc.) programs and practices. Similar surveys were conducted by WorldatWork in 2002, 2006 and 2010.
"Survey on Workplace Flexibility"
A report by WorldatWork
October 2013
This report summarizes the results of a July 2013 survey of WorldatWork members that updates information about trends in workplace flexibility practices, previously surveyed in 2010 and reported in early 2011. Specifically, the survey is designed to measure which flexibility options are offered to employees, which flexible work arrangements are most commonly used and how these programs are managed.
 "Emerging Technology in Health Engagement"
A report by WorldatWork and Buck Consultants
February, 2013
This report summarizes the results of a survey conducted by WorldatWork and Buck Consultants in fall 2012 to research the use and effectiveness of emerging technology tools (gamification, mobile technology and social networking or social media) to engage employees in improving their health and well-being.
"Snapshot Survey: FMLA"
This report summarizes a snapshot survey conducted by WorldatWork to update some data gathered in the 2008 "FMLA Practices and Perspective Survey" and gather new information relating to the 2012 proposed rules.
 "Total Rewards and Employee Well-Being Survey"
A Report by WorldatWork
February 2012
Employers more and more are depending on health and wellness initiatives to build and foster a successful and productive workforce. This survey was conducted to identify traditional wellness plans and new trends in employee well-being. The objective was to gauge how many programs and initiatives organizations offered and how those offerings are expanding to include a more integrated well-being approach beyond one that is just health-related.

Work-Life Tools

 Flexible Rightsizing vs. Layoffs Cost/Benefit Analysis Tool(PDF)
 Work-Life Effectiveness Self-Audit (PDF)
Assess your organization's work-life communications, indicate programs' strengths and weaknesses and set future Work-Life goals.
 Tips to Help Win the Battle of Balance (mp3) (PDF)
Former AWLP Director Kathie Lingle was a featured guest on "Get Over It," hosted by Libby Gill. Lingle shares useful strategies and tips to help employers and employees win the battle of balance.
"Workplace Flexibility: Innovation in Action"
This book features testimonials, facts and options to offer a flexible work environment.
Flexible Work Arrangement Self Assessment Questionnaire (Word)
Flexible Work Arrangement Request (Word)
 "Seven Categories of Work-Life Effectiveness" (PDF)
Engineer your organization's work-Life programs effectively using the seven pillars of work-life effectiveness.
 WorldatWork Total Rewards Model
You are welcome to download the total rewards model for your own educational purposes with appropriate attribution to WorldatWork. Individuals who wish to use the model as part of public presentations should contact WorldatWork in advance for permission.
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