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Workplace Ideas

  • Launch a work-life survey to solicit employee opinions on programs/offerings that your company should expand upon, add or discontinue.
  • Take the work-life self audit for your organization and promote the findings on the company intranet.
  • Post quotable quotes about the importance of family on the company intranet — a new one each week for the month of October. The quotes can be researched or from executives/directors.
  • Have a guest speaker on work and family at the your next all-staff meeting. To book work-life experts Kathie Lingle and Rose Stanley, please submit a speaker request form to the WorldatWork Speakers Bureau.
  • Download a free copy of the Flexibility booklet and discuss concepts and approaches outlined in the book and how they might apply to your corporate culture.
  • Organize a group of HR managers and line managers to attend a Webinar on “Future Leave: An Award Winning Work-Life Initiative."
  • Have a guest speaker during a brown bag lunch that highlights programs that help alleviate the pressures between work and home life (e.g.,  Emergency & Back-Up Child Care, Hiring In-Home Help for Elders).
  • Solicit testimonials from employees on how they successfully manage work -life challenges for an article to be posted on the corporate website.
  • Advertise your celebration by posting the National Work & Family Month poster throughout your organization.
  • Download the National Work & Family Month logo to post on your intranet to show your organization’s support for the employees work-life balance.
  • Have upper management make an announcement in support of National Work & Family Month.
  • If your organization has a blog – have upper management write about National Work & Family month and how it will be celebrated in your organization.
  • Promote your upcoming benefits open enrollment period by highlighting any new or lesser-known benefits.

Fun Ideas for Social Events

  • Have a celebration like an ice cream social or catered luncheon that can highlight what your organization offers to employees that benefits them both at work and at home. 
  • Have a contest or drawing for a free massage or yoga class.
  • Hold an art contest for the children of employees to participate in depicting work and family together. Display the art on meeting room walls and the top three winners (or their parents) can be presented with a prize. (Don’t forget that a family member can be a friend, a pet or even a plant!)
  • Solicit photos of employees' families for posting on the company Intranet showing names, ages and some interesting achievements (e.g., scholastic, sports, etc.) that the employer helped support, either directly or indirectly. (Don’t forget that a family member can be a friend, a pet or even a plant!)
  • Solicit little-known facts about employees and their families and run a trivia quiz on the company intranet. (e.g., "Which employee has 10 children and 22 grandchildren?" Employees scroll down for the answer.)
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