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WorldatWork Alliance for Work-Life Progress Seal of Distinction

To learn how to apply for the WorldatWork Work-Life 2016 Seal of Distinction, please click on this link.

The WorldatWork Alliance for Work-Life Progress Seal of Distinction recognizes employers that support employees in achieving success both at work and at home through effective workplace strategies and practices.

The overall strength of your organization's work-life portfolio determines your ability to earn the Seal of Distinction. Applicants are evaluated on the work-life programs, policies and practices in place within each of the seven categories of work-life effectiveness:

  • Caring for dependents
  • Health and wellness
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Financial support for economic security
  • Paid and unpaid time off
  • Community involvement
  • Transforming organizational culture.

Programs, policies and practices are weighted on several factors, such as the complexity of implementation, required organizational resources and perceived breadth of access. The Application Review Panel reserves the right to verify the extent of access to and use of programs across the workforce.


  • Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for a thorough description of this achievement.
  • Review the application to familiarize yourself with the required criteria.
  • When completing the application, select the programs, policies or initiative in place at your organization.
  • In the application, where applicable select "Other" and briefly describe any additional programs your organization offers.
  • Use the optional "Comments" section at the end of each category to explain or clarify anything the Application Review Panel should consider about that aspect of your work-life portfolio.

The Application Review Panel will notify you of your organization's status within two to four weeks of submission.


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