AWLP 2011 National Work-Life Summit
Ensuring Work-Life Progress: Celebrating the Past and Moving into the Future

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The 2011 event was a huge success!

Here’s what attendees had to say about the inaugural work-life "unconference."

 “The whole idea of unconference is very refreshing.  The intense participation from the audience is so unique. It was really different.”

"The emphasis on creativity was very inspiring and game-changing."

“Networking and interaction were great. We are innovative thinkers and lots of ideas came from the experience.”

 “I loved the format, creativity and energy.”

 “The quality and engagement of participants was very valuable.”

 “I got so much out of the Summit and really hope to continue working on these big ideas and coming to another Summit next year.”

“Great conference: proactive session, great people, interesting, actionable ideas.”

“The best conference I have attended so far. So much was achieved with so small a budget!”

“This unconference was really generative. It was the first time that there was a group of people thinking what I have been thinking for a long time, about restructuring work and how it’s defined.”

“It was a very unique opportunity. I really enjoyed discussing these issues with diverse and talented colleagues. I thought it was very worthwhile.”

 “This is historic. AWLP and WorldatWork are to be congratulated.”

Watch videos and see pictures from the 2011 event.